Ollie gets a sister!

Loss that turned into new love

June 19, 2024

Dogs have always been a huge part of our lives. Since children and as adults, Brian and I have both been blessed with having wonderful dogs as part of our families growing up.

When we met 10 years ago I had my beautiful boy Ollie a mixed breed (love of my life) and Brian had gorgeous Rolo a chocolate Labrador. We became a blended family!!

We had to say goodbye to our big boy Rolo in March 2023 when at the age of almost 13 years, it was time to let him go on his next journey. It was heartbreaking and the house seemed so empty without his huge, loving and boofy personality.

There was a big size difference between Rolo and Ollie so “play” as such was not a thing they did together. We went on many walks, outings and holidays where the dogs were very active but they seemed to enjoy the events alongside each other and not with each other.

When Rolo passed away Ollie spent 3 weeks sleeping on Rolo’s bed. He lost his zest and seemed to be really missing his big brother. Ollie was also on his own during the day. It made us feel very sad and sorry for him and we talked about getting a sister.

In March of this year Missy joined our family. After a couple of visits to Swan Animal Haven and being drawn to many dogs (who wouldn’t be?) we decided on Missy. Her size and energy would be a good combination with 11 year old Ollie as he was still an active dog.

The match has been incredible. Ollie asserted his role of dominant old boy and while he seemed to adore his new sister, he also would tell her where her place was!

I was so proud of him. Right from the start he never showed any jealously as Missy entered his home, clamoured on his mum and dad for love, ate his food, moved in on his toys and accepted lots of attention from his parents!

It was wonderful to watch them play and see how, when Ollie is on his mum’s lap, she comes up to him and persuades him to play with her. She has a wonderful energy, turning 2 the week after we brought her home. She had a birthday party complete with a dog friendly cake!!!

We had been told her elderly owner had to give her up because of her own medical issues. I can see with Missy’s energy and ability to run off, she would be a handful. We have had a few episodes where she runs away but keeps close. Then it appears she seems a little scared to come back (was she hit before?) thinking she is in trouble. With lots of gentle coaxing and getting down to her level we eventually have her back safely. All the while Ollie is watching on very amused his little sister is misbehaving!

These are all very normal behaviours for a dog getting used to new routines, commands and expectations. She has really settled in well and now realises we are her forever home.

There is nothing Brian and I love more than to see the two dogs playing or lying next to each other asleep. Missy is adorable. Loves to chase her ball, loves swimming in the river and beach, loves her food, loves her brother and of course loves her mum and dad. We absolutely adore her too!