About Us

The Swan Animal Haven rescues and cares for abandoned dogs until compassionate homes can be found.

The Swan Animal Haven (the Haven) is an independent, community-based charity providing care and support for abandoned and surrendered dogs across Western Australia.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Haven operates a dog rehoming shelter, funding direct care while in the shelter, behavioural assistance when required and ongoing support after rehoming for approved pre-existing conditions.

Operating for more than four decades under a strict no-kill policy, the Haven has literally saved and rehomed thousands of dogs through a committed, loyal and dedicated workforce. The years have seen countless volunteers and employees come through our doors, and to each and every one of them, we offer our thanks on behalf of the dogs they have helped.

We welcome donations of all forms, including bequests, direct funding, any items for our Facebook auction, bedding, food and toys for the dogs.

Our Charter

Dogs are sentient beings, with the capacity to feel love, affection and happiness, as well as pain, fear and sadness.

Our Story

Established in September 1978, the Haven has a 40 plus-year legacy welcoming, caring for and rehoming abandoned and surrendered dogs.

Our Mission

Our vision is for a world where every dog has a safe and loving home, and dog shelters are no longer required.


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