Dogs Needing Homes

Here are a few of our friends that are desperately in need of a loving home. Click here to go to the success page and see a selection of some of our many dogs who have found a wonderful home.

Amber F-2-3-Staffy-X

Bella F-Boxer-X

Chui M-Mastiff-X

Brockie M-Staffy-X

Elle F-Staffy-X

Askari M-Rotti-X

Narla - F - Mixed Breed

Maisy F-Mixed-Breed

Frank - M - Husky X

Shanell F-Chihuahua-X

Effie and Timone - F and M - Mixed Breeds

Boston & Axel F & M Staffy-X & Mixed-Breed (inseparable)

Raymond M-Rotti-X

Huss M-Shepherd-X

Tasha F-Kelpie-X

Rigby M-Mastiff-X

Jude M-1-2-Staffy-X

Jupiter M-1-2-Pointer-X

Rayesa F-Kelpie-X

Shiva F-Shar-Pei-X

Miranda F-Staffy-X

Ollie - M - Boxer

Precious - F - Husky X

Shane M-Mastiff-X

Stanley M-Mixed-Breed

Charlie M-Rottie-X

Pepper - F - Chihuahua / Jack Russell X

Jasper - M - Jack Russell X

Suede M-Mixed-Breed

Clooney - M - Greyhound X

Ace - M - Jack Russell

Holly and LilyGirl - F - Tenterfield Terriers

Frances - F - Blue Heeler

Flame - F - Kelpie